Wrappable Column Titles

I spent 4 whole days building a prototype of our inventory management system in airtable, only to have my boss come back saying “if I need to pull the data down from airtable into excel and format it again to look at my report, what’s the point?”

I love airtable, but for the mainstream excel user to adopt it, there are 2 very basic features it NEEDS to have.

  1. Wrappable column tiles
    I have columns where the data inside is 1-2 characters, but the columns take up 50-100px on the screen. This means I cannot look at a full report without scrolling, and with scrolling I may lose some context.

  2. Colored columns
    Some columns, particularly formulas/rollups are more important than others. With tables having 100s of columns in some cases, it is very useful to color code columns and easily find the data you need.

We are now looking at using Excel in the cloud with Script Lab as an alternative, as reporting is key to my organization. But I much prefer AirTable and want to see it succeed…highly recommend working on this feature - looking at this thread there’s many who have been pushing for it and 4 years with no progress is kind of a scary sign


Yes, please on wrappable column titles


bump! pretty please add this

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make it happen guys PLEASE


Please make wrappable column headers!

keeping the dream alive. let’s get those headers readable people! can someone setup a formula to calculate how long this issue has been dragging???


Wow, seeing this has been an issue for this long and no update makes me wonder why I’m paying $24 a month for this.

At least give us the option to not have the space-consuming icons at the beginning of every column title. I’d rather be able to read the title than know what type of field it is. Just, wow…


+1 on this 4 year old feature request!!!


Count me in as well, this is essential. Surprised this very basic function is not part of this

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+1 for me us well - release the wrap option for people who works with a longer content :slight_smile:


Agree. yes please. This would be extremely useful

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I can’t believe it still hasn’t been added, justification would be good too.

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I’m currently trying to get buy-in from a 1000+ person company to use Airtable instead of Excel, and I’m dismayed to find (after some testing and searching) that Airtable can’t wrap, rotate, or change the font size of column label text! This is, as dozens of people before me have noted for the past four-plus years, a basic feature that is sorely lacking.

Wonder if Ragic lets me do what I want? I’ll be checking…


+1 to this feature. Is quite useful, it will improve the information density, which I think is crucial.


And? Can Ragic do it?

I wanted to start out with Airtable but I’m also surprised and frustrated by this kind of little “bad design” annoyances…
Never heard of Ragic, but maybe I will check it out if it’s any better at all. :slight_smile:

Yes. Ragic can wrap column titles. Overall, Ragic isn’t as pretty as Airtable, but there are niceties like this that are better.