Writing a college paper on Airtable: Who can I contact for my research?

I am currently writing a college paper on Airtable and how my parents’ business will benefit from using it to track their inventory. I can’t find much information on how companies are using it specifically. My professor suggested I contact Airtable directly to ask them a few questions for my research. Does anyone know who I can contact or have insight on the most common uses for Airtable within a company?

An Airtable employee might know. You might want to contact them directly via their contact portal.

Otherwise, if you’d like to ask the community, you might want to consider a straw poll and either post it to this forum or something on another forum (such as Reddit).

If you end up collecting stories from people in the community, our company uses it for project management purposes (we’re a design agency). Best of luck.

Recommendation - build the paper in Airtable. :wink:

Seriously - if you really want to understand how Airtable can be used, consider collecting all your data, observations, and references as data. Your paper is prefaced by a data-quest; Airtable is a place to capture data.

Then petition Airtable for a student [pro] account and access to their rich text feature where you can format your paper as a collection of topics and chapters.

Doing this will allow you to convey the precise benefits of using it for business purposes. It’ll also make you an expert in Airtable and ready to help your family business.


Thank you Bill. That is a great idea. I have just started using Airtable to record all of their inventory and what is being discontinued. I will definitely check out the student pro account and look forward to getting more familiar with its many uses.

Thank you! I recently got in touch with one of Airtable’s employees and he showed me a link to their blog which has real world stories from a wide range of businesses.

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