Writing a script for "Item not available"

Good afternoon from a relatively newbie!

I am working on a volunteer project where the organization is giving away certain items “first come, first serve.” I have created a form for interested people to make a request for an item, but, when the inventory is 0, I want a “pop-up” message on the Form to say “Sorry! That item is no longer available. Please select a different item.” What I would prefer is a conditional lookup for the item field that would not display it as an item if the inventory table says the quantity is 0.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!


Welcome to the Airtable community!

Airtable forms cannot run scripts, so finding and implementing a system that will give you a pop up may be more effort than it is worth.

However, if you put the items in a linked record field that tracks inventory, you can create a filtered view that includes only in-stock items. Then have you form limit selection to the filtered view.