X axis in chart app adding extra random info with parenthesis

Hey all!

I have a simple bar chart I want to show the total count (Y axis) for a given formula field. My view grouping does this very well, but when represented as X-axis in my chart, the chart app adds a parenthesis value to the label unexpectedly, growing the number of X-axis values significantly. Attached is view of values (only 7 unique values for X) and how they’re being messed with in the chart. Chart settings added as well.

Any advice is greatly appreciated in advance, thanks!

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 10.34.06 AM

Hey Bryan, I think this is happening because, even though the “KG/DAY ROUNDED” field is displaying values to one decimal place, it actually contains values that are more than one decimal place.

May I see the ROUND() function you’re using? It should have a precision of 1 for your situation

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Thank you Adam_C!

This was exactly it. I had the ‘Format’ of the function set for 1 decimal, but when I wrapped my whole function with round(X,1), the chart now works as it should.


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