XML import app - how to get it to remember my mappings?

Hi all, the XML import app works well for me in trying to import ONIX files - but:

  • I can’t get the app to remember my mappings… Airtable Documentation just says “The app will remember your XPath mappings the next time you import an XML file.” Except it doesn’t… ;-p

I am sure I am missing something really obvious?

Welcome to the community, @Peter_Schoppert!

It’s probably a bug. You should email support@airtable.com and report this to them.

Alternatively, you can automate Integromat to import your XML into Airtable for you:

Thanks @ScottWorld - Integromat is very cool and nicely designed, thanks for the intro. I will be exploring. But given the tools I’m using and our workflow for this particular matter, I’d prefer to import direct to Airtable if possible. (The XPaths mappings are set up in particular ways that Integromat doesn’t quite seem set up for, at least not without more work I don’t immediately have time for.) No reply from Airtable support yet!

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