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Hi there, I am experimenting a bit with the XML block. Is it correct to say that you can only create records based on single elements? So if I have an XML order, I can create for instance just one record with the customer information or multiple records containing ordered items. As far as I can see I have to make a choice there. I cannot combine it to create just one record for customer x with multiple items in the items field bases on the XML order. Or is there something that I am missing?

Hi Fred, and welcome to the community!

This is correct. You appear to have an XML “node” that contains the primary record data and also a collection of items related to that primary record. Without seeing an example, I can only surmise this is the case.

To properly ingest this data you will likely need to consider splitting this information into two tables - primary records in one table, and details in another. The last part of that process is to link the primary records with the detail records. I doubt the XML import block is able to do this, so what are the outs?

One option - craft a script block to read the XML data and direct the primary and detail records accordingly and lastly, created the relationship bonds.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your confirmation of my point of view.

Importing the detail records and then link them to excisting primary records seems not to work from within the XML block.

Ik will investigate you’re advice concerning the script block.

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