Yay for 'Sections'– Sections for Automations too, please!

Automations are such an amazing feature, but a long list of them is unwieldy and makes it very easy to lose track of what is still needed/what exists.

Now that there are sections for table views, can we also have sections to organize our list of automations? :smiley:

Thank you!


I came to write this exactly same suggestion. Automations can get messy quite fast. +1 to this request!

+1. I’d also like sections for bases as we have one workspace but not everyone with access to the workspace needs to see all bases (and those with access to all may not want to see all).

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And sections for the tables themselves too, not just the views! Scrolling back and forth across 10+ table tabs at the top of my screen is no bueno…


@Hans_Nelson, I am with you 100%– it would be super useful to have sections for tables. Have you put that out there as its own topic in the product suggestions?

Not sure why I didn’t think to do that at the time, but no.

SO excited that the most recent releases for Airtable include sections for Automations, now we just need them for Tables!

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