Yay Sections in Views! Now please just clean up that menu with ONE more thing :)

Would be great if we could truncate the above or hide it - it takes up so much space in a view where I’d want my team / users to be navigating to views rather than making them.



Yep! Totally agree! This is the #1 problem with Views right now. Please send your request — along with your screenshot — to support@airtable.com. They don’t really pay attention to these forums very much, so you will get your voice heard better if you send them an email.


Totally agree!. it would be really useful.

I feel like I remember complaining about this and @kuovonne telling me how to toggle it off, but I can’t remember how anymore.

@kuovonne am I crazy or was there a way to toggle off this “create a view” area?

@Paul_Warren1 It must have been something else. There currently is no way to hide or shrink the “Create a View” area.

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The correct answer being “Paul you are crazy” :sweat_smile:

It seems you could hide the Create A View but I don’t see the gear icon. Hide "Create a View" and "Use a suggested view" - #5

This annoyed me so much I am using an extension to hide it.
See here