Yearly order of t-shirts - several different orders, two sleeve lengths, two different colors, multiple sizes


Hello all - every year we have our many members place a t-shirt order for their volunteers, based on a goal number of volunteers they are trying to recruit. They need to place an order for short sleeve shirts (choosing between two colors) and long sleeve shirts (only one color option) in various sizes, ranging from XS to 5XL. Each volunteer needs two short sleeve and one long sleeve shirt. Ideally, the Airtable would flag if the member was trying to order too many shirts (for ex. - they have 2 volunteers. They should not order more than 4 short sleeve (two per volunteer) and no more than 2 long sleeve (only one per volunteer)). I create a form based on the Airtable fields where members can put in their order.

I’ve used airtable the past couple of years, but generally I wind up with one table with a million columns. I feel certain there must be a more efficient way to do this, but I really don’t know how to begin.

Does anyone have a similar ordering configuration (many people wanting to order based on x quantity, various widgets to order, max # of widgets that can be placed per order) that they use Airtable for that I could look at? Or does anyone have any hints/tips about how to structure this better? I feel like I probably should have one table for the orders placed, and another for the different items they will order, and then connect them somehow. I also don’t understand how I can then create one order form (a form that is pulling fields from more than one table).

Any hints/tips/tricks/other threads I can look at where this has already been discussed would be helpful - thank you so much!!