You should be able to add new rows when > 1 grouping is applied


This feels like a bug because it is totally confusing as a user that you can’t add rows when applying multiple groupings. You simply don’t get the + icon on the last row.

I eventually figured out that I had to get rid of the other level of grouping so I can add records, but now I have lost the structure I was trying to use to organize my sheet. I have no idea why this isn’t supported, but it’s pretty broken in the current implementation.


Could you please elaborate on what you’re experiencing? You can add new rows when it’s 100% unambiguous what values you want the new row to have based on the grouping specifications. In this example below, the first level of grouping is on a single select field. The second level of grouping is also on a single select field. Because of this, when you add a new row, it can and will fill in the values as determined by the groupings.


Continuing on @Katherine_Duh message, I think that you have a Grouping based on a calculated field (it’s not about the depth level), thats “blocks” the ability to create new Records (because of the explanation of Katherine). The interface notices you of this.

I’m thinking, maybe Airtable should allow to create a new Record, and simply not fill the calculated fields? So the new Record will create a new “Empty” Group. Makes sense?


Thanks for the prompt response. You’re right, I was grouping based on a
lookup field and had ignored the warning. However, since this is simply a
lookup from the other grouping field (i.e. group by project category
(lookup from project), then by project) it is still 100% unambiguous what
values to place in the new entry. I realize this may be a special case, but
it would be really helpful to allow it.

If not, it would be helpful to show the same + button in the UI, but grey
it out with the same message as above. When I group by something, I
typically just pick the column and right-click rather than going through
that dialog.


If you won’t allow a new record in this view, please consider allowing the duplication of a row. This way the function will keep it in the same group and then it can be edited into the new record. As was pointed out in this post:

It is a very clunky workflow to have to switch to an ungrouped table to insert a new record, and then move back.


I totally agree, being at least able to duplicate would do the job and already save a tremendous amount of time.


Actually, I need to add new record after I have combined all record into the group. So confused


I’m going to close this topic because the title is confusing (you can add new rows to groups when more than one grouping is applied as long as you haven’t grouped on a computed field).

If you would like to discuss adding new records to groups when grouping on a computed field, please start a new topic in the feature requests section.

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