Youtube question

I was hoping to put a youtube video in attachment but the URL says it can not be found. Tried a few different videos with different style URLs with the same not found error.

Is there a easy way to add video or will I just have to add URL to the video?

Which is fine, I just wanted to know if I could embed it without link or downloading, so I thought I would ask.

You might be looking for the embed app.

Attachment fields only work with actual files, but YouTube URLs don’t point to a literal video file. As @ScottWorld says, you could use the Embed app to embed a single video into the right sidebar, but that will just house that single video and won’t dynamically update. However, you could put the video URL into a URL field, then add the URL Preview app, which works with YouTube videos. Select a field with a YouTube URL, and the app will instantly open that video for you to play.

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Oops, thanks, @Justin_Barrett! That’s the app I was looking for! @Dawn_Attridge, you can find the URL Preview app here:

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Thanks guys, this is a great option while building and working with my base in grid view. Works very smoothly.
But …
Future database plans are to be shown in gallery view. Any suggestions?

Apps still work in Gallery view!

url preview app looks to need grid view

Oh wow, that’s a bummer!! I didn’t realize that the URL Preview app only works in grid view! That seems like a real missing feature there. I would definitely add this as a feature request in the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions category, and you might even want to email about this as well, just so they know about your particular need for this.


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