You've been selected for our CREATOR plan - Huh, just won a lottery ? Not once, twice

Look like I am either lucky winner … or all if you are already winners and I have been living in a cave.

Seems random accounts not get the Creator plan. The account I am posting now was created 2 months ago intended for community and nothing else and it got the creator plan (I didn’t even know that, otherwise I would have used this for my bases).

Yet, today I created another Airtable account (different username) and it also got the Creator plan. So that’s fantastic.

I have 2 older accounts they are normal Free accounts. I am planning to move the bases to this creator account.

There is little information about these Creator plans so I wanted to share my findings. The screenshot below shows what it includes.

My question was - Question is:

Q 1. Can I lose the creators plan?

The description from AirTable (see screenshot below) says : "Any workspaces you create in your account (where you are the sole user) will automatically be on the Creator plan."

The post here says - Once the person adds collaborators to the Creator workspace, it morphs into a 30-day Pro trial, to experience the power of Airtable Pro with others.

So the answer to this question is - NO, the new Creators account will not be converted to Pro / Trial / Free. Only the workspace will be converted to Pro/Trial/Free (and no longer will be creator).

However, that change is not permanent, it only remains for that specific workspace. That is you can create a copy of this base and the copy will again be under the Creator plan.

Q 2. Can I copy my base/workspace from my free account to this creator account?

The answer is YES. You can share a workspace from your other free account to this Creator account and it will be shared as Pro/Trial/Free workspace.

When you then move (or copy) the base (from this shared Pro/Trial/Free workspace) to your any of your Creator’s workspaces, the base will get under the Creator plan.

Any workspaces you create in your account (where you are the sole user) will automatically be on the Creator plan too.

So I wanted to share this finding (I know this is probably not new) because I am excited I save 20 USD per month, will get above the current limits with the storage (2gb with free account per base) and the best thing Apps are included + increase limit on Automations.

Now I can use Automations to the fullest and add Google Translations to my bases.

I just want to share this because this made my day today :slight_smile:



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I noticed the toast message says “currently” on Creator plan. That may be the tricky word behind this surprise offer.


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