Zapier API Call limited to 5 - I only use as a "Action" Find record from Airtable

Hey, Im only doing from Zapier using Airtable Find records as a action. My question is: What happens if 6 People at the same time request data from Airtable with Zapier Find records. Wille the first 5 go through without any error and only the 6th call will be an error? If yes what happens if I activate the Autoplay in Zapier for error Zaps in my Zap task history? Will it retry with Zapier to find record couple of seconds later and will it then be working?

Zapier will take care of throttling those requests to make sure they happen under the API limit so it shouldn’t be a problem!


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so that means, even if I would have 20 API calls in the same time Zapier would not go into an error right?

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