Zapier creates record twice with PostgreSQL

Hi there, I have an issue as follow :

We have a PostgreSQL database and we created Zaps to create a record in AirTable for each new entry. The issue is that when an item in the database is updated, it creates a new record in AirTable with the same ID. How can I proceed ?

Should I use find and replace in Zapier ? I know it’s not an “AirTable problem”, but I think it’s a good place to ask.

Thanks for any help.

If your goal is to only create new rows in Airtable when a new row is created in your PostgreSQL db, you should use the create record trigger and create Airtable record action.

Otherwise, if you want to keep the two tables in sync, you should use the New or Update PostgreSQL Row trigger in Zapier and then search/update Airtable record triggers