Zapier creates unlinked duplicate data

I created a fairly simple Airtable base to manage clients/orders/products. I started with the sample orders table and simplified it a lot to only what I need. It has tables for Products, Clients, Orders, Order Line Items

Now I’d like to use Zapier to upload data from a Google Sheet that one of our retailers uses to send us orders. The retailer pastes their next order details onto a new row of the google sheet.

Each row of the google sheet contains data that goes into several tables. Client Name and Address goes in Clients table. Order number and Order date goes in Orders table. Ordered Product Skus and Quantities goes in Order Line Items table.

I use a mult-step zap to get the all the data into the correct tables. But something is not right. I am getting extra rows of unlinked data.

For example, say the spreadsheet shows Order # 6334 for Avery Taylor. Well Zapier creates 2 clients named Avery Taylor (one has address info and one is blank) And then Zapier creates Order # 6334 but it is linked to the Avery Taylor that is blank.

I can’t find a way to set this up so this does not happen.

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