Zapier Find Base and Table ID for generating Record Links for other Software

Is there a way we can pull in Base and Table ID so that we can build links to different records etc?

I would love to be able to when a record enters a view it starts a trigger and then sends an email with a link to that record view


This is possible, yes…

  1. First you need to find the URL of the Expanded view of a record in your table.
  2. Then create a formula field in the table consisting of the URL minus the record ID on the end.
  3. Add the RecordID() to the formula

This results in a field containing a link to the expanded view of the record - and it will be available in Zapier to send to other apps or include as a link in an email.


That doesn’t actually pull in the BASE or TABLE ID. I have to manually go find them.

That is what I am currently doing but it is far from ideal and would love to be able to work with it more dynamically!

Nobody found a solution ?