Zapier: Find Record in Airtable without an exact match?

I’m using Zapier with Airtable and a New Record in Airtable trigger. The new record has an email address like d12345@…

Then I have a Find Record in Airtable action. There is a record with the email D12345@… - with a capital D.

The Find Record action doesn’t find anything.

Is there any way to make this work so that the Find Record action will match on similar strings like this?

I contacted Zapier and they informed me this is a limitation of Airtable. Airtable only allows exact match searches at this time.

Welcome to the community, @Dustin_Lange!

Yeah, from my own experiments, it seems like Airtable is very picky about capitalization.

You could create a formula field with this formula:

LOWER({Email Address})

This would convert your email addresses to all lowercase, and then you could search on that field with all lowercase letters.


Thanks, Scott. That works great. I also used Formatter by Zapier to convert the original string to lowercase.

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