Zapier integration not complete?



I’ve created an integration from Zapier to AirTable.

My blue sky scenario would be, that when ever I populate a AirTable base with a new record, this record will include a unique email address for each row.

I want Zapier to detect each new record and send and email to the email value I put in the AirTable row. However, from my AirTable rows I frequently use “Link to another record” to other tables, and this is where I pull the email value from.

Zapier cannot read values in AirTables where the value is based upon values from “Link to another record”, is this just me?

Please see my screenshot.

Any help is welcome - I don’t know if this is a Zapier problem or an AirTable problem.


i think i’ve run into the same issue you’re describing here.

what worked for me was adding additional columns that mirrored the linked columns to the table, so for your example, i would add another column “Begivenhed as text”, make it a formula where it just equals {Begivenhed}.

Zapier should recognize this new “as text” column with the correct contents. hope this helps.


Thanks Mini_Ro I thought of doing exactly the same :slight_smile:

However I’d wish that was possible, instead of the case where Zapier simply cannot see the field.



There are two ways you could deal with this requirement:

  1. Create lookup fields within the table you are triggering the Zap from which bring the data from the linked record into the triggering record, or

  2. Use a Find step in Zapier to lookup the records in your linked tables (using the record IDs held in the link fields in the triggering table).

Hope this helps…