Zapier integration via a "lookup" value

Hi all,

I’m working on an “Airtable/Zapier/ActiveCampaign” integration.

The aim is for :
a) when…a new record appears in a view
b) then…a contact with an email address contained in that same view is emailed

The challenge is that the above mentioned email address is actually a “lookup” value, coming in from a linked table.

Whilst an e-mail is stored in the record, it appears Zapier sees “no data”, meaning that I can’t proceed to find the matching “Contact” stored in ActiveCampaign.

Have tried a few workarounds, including creating a new “formula column”, where the column is equal to the lookup value…but no luck.

Appreciate any guidance.

Many thanks

Hi @Darius_Safavi - what you have described works OK for me:

I have a linked person and the email is a lookup

In Zapier when I pull in sample data I get this:

i.e. the text name isn’t there (replaced by its linked record id), but the lookup email is.

I can then use this in another Zapier component:

If you want the name in the Zap too, create a new field “name as string” using:

{Field Name} & ''

And this should be available to the Zap too.

Also worth going back to the Airtable component and trying to get data again - the “no data” message implies (to me at least) that there’s no record in the Zap not just no email.


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