Zapier Notifications When a Record Changes

Hello everyone - Does anyone know how to send an email notification when an editable field within a record changes? I looked at Zapier and the only triggers are New Record or New Record In View. We have several scenarios where people want to be notified via email (not currently collaborators) when information changes.

Many thanks for your insights and advice.

Hey! Yes. The best thing to do is as follows:

  • Create a Last updated field, let’s call it “Last updated”
    • Choose the fields you want (and don’t want) to be considered as “updated” upon creation
      CleanShot 2020-05-28 at 22.32.26
  • Create a view in Airtable filtering off this field
    CleanShot 2020-05-28 at 22.31.45
  • Create a zap that triggers whenever a record comes into this view
  • The action that should happen after this trigger fires is “email” - And you can email whatever details you want about that record

@andywingrave You Totally ROCK! Thank you very much for the quick response - very much appreciated.

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fyi - that approach will work the first time a record is modified, but only once. If you update the record again, it won’t trigger the zap.

Our solution fixes that:

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As @openside mentioned, the solution posted above only works ONCE per record, so it’s not a long-term solution for you.

Your 2 options are:

  1. Zapier combined with On2Air Actions.


  1. Integromat.
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I think @openside’s tools are awesome and I love Dan like a brother. However, I do a ton of stuff with Airtable and Integromat, and I think Integromat’s Airtable-related features are fairly robust. It’s not as crippled as you’re making it sound.

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Oh, I totally agree with you! Sorry… I wasn’t trying to make Integromat sound crippled at all! I do about 95% of my Airtable automations with Integromat! I absolutely love Integromat! :slight_smile:

I think what I meant was that OpenSide has added in some cool extra tidbits such as all of their “bulk record” functionality. But if you don’t need those bulk features, Integromat is the way to go — and you can also recreate those bulk features on your own in Integromat as well. Not to mention that Integromat is free for many people.

p.s. I also just deleted that line from my original post, because it did sound like I was being heavily biased.

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That’s one of the biggest reasons I use Integromat. I’ve got their Basic package, which is half the cost of Zapier’s lowest paid tier, but even when I had Integromat’s free account, I could still do more than if I were paying for Zapier.

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