Zapier problem with displaying records in view

Hi community !
I have ann issue with a zap (by zapier) I use to send a mail to each new users (in a record).
I would like to display in a view records that follow certain criteria.
The fact is that a record can appear in this view, disappear few minutes later, and appear again.

I would like to send an email each time this record appear in this view, but it doesn’t work, it seems like the record is save in zapier memory …
Do u know if i have to wait a certain time till the record id is forget ?

Thanks by advance !

Hi @Mathieu_Quiniou,

If a record enters a view then leaves then enters back, the zap will never recognize it again. You have to create a new view for this reentering


Hi @Mathieu_Quiniou,

This is actually the key problem that makes Zapier a poor choice for integrating with Airtable.

The much better option is to use Integromat, which can trigger upon any record that is updated in any way that you specify.

Integromat is also significantly cheaper than Zapier, and is actually free for most small businesses. None of my Airtable consulting clients have ever needed to pay for Integromat yet!

However, for people who are constrained to using Zapier, On2Air Actions is excellent, and it works with Zapier to trigger on updated records (amongst many other triggers/actions).

Thanks a lot !
I will stay with zapier, and if it shows that I have to move on Integromat, I will !

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