Zapier Search Formula


I am trying to create a ‘Find Record’ Airtable Task in Zapier that finds a row based on the values in two columns, {USER ID} and {TAGGED RX}.

The USER ID should match the value in a previous step and the TAGGED RX should equal 0. This is the formula I am using, but it is creating an error:

{USER ID}="{{29838037__user__user_id}}"&"{Tagged Rx}=“0”

Is there a mistake in my code?

Thanks you!


You should read the following article - particularly the section about search formula and the use of :


Thank you. I read that, but the search code that I using to find the row
must have a syntax error. I have the example in that article, but it is
not close enough to what I am trying to do for me to debug my search



Could you share a screenshot of the search formula within the Zap - so we can see it in context?


Here is a screenshot of the code that I have:

Thanks for your help!


Hi Stephen

Here’s an example of a working formula in Zapier:

Note that Airtable uses the AND() function not the ampersand - and I’m not sure whether the 's are required when you’re comparing to a littereral (0).

Alternatively, you could also use an Airtable view to filter the records for {Tagged RX} = 0 - and then use the Limit To View option in Zapier.


Julian! Thank you very much for your help.

It worked!


Hi Julian,
Thank you for this formula, it’s great!

But by using this formula I can get just one matching result (row).
How I can get all matching results (rows)?


Hi Andrew

mmm - Zapier isn’t very good at dealing with multiple records in the same Zap (unless you want to write Javascript in a code action that is).

If you want to be able to query a table and process through all the records that are returned by the query, I think I would recommend using Integromat instead - when it retrieves multiple records, then all following steps are processed to each which is so simple.

I strongly recommend Integromat - but if you use it with Airtable you need to be patient sometimes when building the processes because it times out and you have to wait 5 minutes. This is a limitation of Airtable’s API and a) should be FIXED and b) doesn’t effect live running.


another option for handling multiple records in Zapier is our On2Air: Actions product


Julian, thanks for your advice.

I try to use Integromat, but I have a problem.
I can’t adapt your formula for Integromat.


Hi @Andrew_Andrievich

The formula is actually simpler in Integromat - here is an example which goes through my Active Project with Airtable as the database:

Note the Max Records field - this defaults to one - which means that only one record would be returned - so change this to a number large enough to return all the possible records.

Any steps after this will be performed for each returned record (you can also aggregate them etc when you become a bit more proficient).


Hi Julian,

Really thank you for you help.
I will try to use Integromat.