Zapier Search Formula


I am trying to create a ‘Find Record’ Airtable Task in Zapier that finds a row based on the values in two columns, {USER ID} and {TAGGED RX}.

The USER ID should match the value in a previous step and the TAGGED RX should equal 0. This is the formula I am using, but it is creating an error:

{USER ID}="{{29838037__user__user_id}}"&"{Tagged Rx}=“0”

Is there a mistake in my code?

Thanks you!


You should read the following article - particularly the section about search formula and the use of :


Thank you. I read that, but the search code that I using to find the row
must have a syntax error. I have the example in that article, but it is
not close enough to what I am trying to do for me to debug my search



Could you share a screenshot of the search formula within the Zap - so we can see it in context?


Here is a screenshot of the code that I have:

Thanks for your help!


Hi Stephen

Here’s an example of a working formula in Zapier:

Note that Airtable uses the AND() function not the ampersand - and I’m not sure whether the 's are required when you’re comparing to a littereral (0).

Alternatively, you could also use an Airtable view to filter the records for {Tagged RX} = 0 - and then use the Limit To View option in Zapier.


Julian! Thank you very much for your help.

It worked!