Zapier trigger - When record is updated


There is a Zapier trigger when a field is created, and a Zapier action to update existing records.

However, there is no Zapier trigger that uses a record being updated as a starting point.

For example, I can have a Zap that says when a new customer is added to my base, add them to a Mailchimp list. When the new record is added, I have a single select called ‘Status’. When the customer is added, this is set to ‘Lead’.

If this customer moves to ‘Dealt’, it would be great to able to move that customer onto a different targeting list on Mailchimp. However, because ‘When a record is updated’ isn’t available as a starting point, a lot of potential actions are ruled out.

Zapier (Airtable to Slack) when record is updated


The way to achieve this kind of thing is to have a filtered view which filters for the Dealt value - and the you can use a Zap which looks for new records in the view - and perhaps then updates the record itself to confirm it’s done.

Hope this helps?



Hi Julian,

This sounds like a good solution for things like single selects.

Is there a way to do this you can think of for things with more a variable range of inputs, like long texts for example?

I wonder if there’s a formula that can be displayed that displays the time that a record was last edited, and if there’s a way to create a view of records edited within the last x amount of minutes?


Hi Matt - not off the top of my head - part of the problem is how Zapier works where it will only fir a particular Zap once for any particular record - when Zapier was simpler this was quite sensible but with the use cases now possible with multi step zaps this is becoming a problem in my view - I have made a product suggestion on the Zapier forum about this in fact!


I think a filterable Date Modified field type would be incredibly useful in a forthcoming release. Would really help with stuff like this.


Is this option still possible? I have a filtered view but do not see that view in zapier under “tables” where to look for a new record. What do I miss?


Hi Max

You should trigger based on New Record in View and then select the table / view:

You should also consider using Integromat instead of Zapier because you could then use their Search feature to look for records which match any criteria you want instead of having to have loads of views - you can also perform the same steps more than once if you need (Zapier will only run a zap once for any given record).


Thanks a lot. that helped!