Zapier - update all records with a key value


I’m trying to figure out how to update multiple records without a filtered view using zapier.

So I have 10 records. 3 have the same company name, I want a zap that updates all three records when the trigger occurs.

Any thoughts?

I believe the only way to do that is using javascript inside the Zap.

What’s the trigger? Are you changing one of the (example) three records, and want the others to match?

And do you want to update the name based on another field in the same record(s)?

Let’s say I have three contacts for Company A and I have a zapier trigger that activates. I want all three contacts records to update a field called status to say “Do not contact”. How can I have zapier update all three contact records to say “Do not contact”?

So the zap would need to find all records for Company A and update them all.

This is how you can do it - Zapier loop for each record in view

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