ZIP Code Field Type

It would be nice to have a ZIP Code field type so that when a zip code is entered, it would automatically fill in the city and state in a field next to the zip code field.

That’s not a ZIP Code field type: That’s a live link to the appropriate PTT, knowledge of a bunch of different APIs, location checking of your access, testing and version control, and so on. You’re probably better off building it in Zapier – at least that way you’re guaranteed what it does it what you want it to do.

Personally, I’d like to be able to enter an address, have the address standardized, have the 5-digit ZIP checked against the address, and have the ZIP+4 populated. If I can come to agreement with the Zapier guys over being able to test my Zaps (hey, I love you all — just not $600/year’s worth), I hope to build an interface to the USPS(oops; that’s ‘U.S.P.S.,’ according to their style guide)'s Address Standardization Web Tool; your need could be served by the City/State Lookup Web Tool. I’ll see if I can defined an interface to it, as well…

I have created a lookup table, where if you type in the Zip code, it will fill in the city, state and Country (US only). Don’t know how to upload it for community use …


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please please please publish this lookup table!! Airtable

You can also download zip code data – and then import that data into an Airtable lookup table — from They also offer the ability to access zip code data via their API.