Zip Code starting with "0"


How do you insert a zip code in a record when the zip code begins with “0”? In excel, I would place an “’” ahead of the 0 and it would remain. Thanks for the help.


To preserve any leading zeros in values, you can use a Single line text field, rather than a Number field.


I know this is a long time since posting, but zip codes should be treated as a text rather than a number. Rule of thumb, if it does not make sense to do math on a number, make it a text. You wouldnt multiply zipcodes.


And six months after the last one… It would be very nice to be able to do a “between” filter for zip codes… ! ie. between 01925 and 02999


Not to mention wanting to retain Zip Plus 4 rather than subtracting Plus 4 from Zip…