Airtable Top Contributors | January 2023

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Airtable Alumni (Retired)

Welcome to our first ever Top Contributors recap! Each month, we’ll be highlighting the top contributors in the Airtable Community who have gone above and beyond to help others learn and grow their skills with Airtable. 

We define a Top Contributor as someone who is passionate, helpful, friendly, and an active user. These members continue to share their profound knowledge by answering questions, starting new threads, and going out of their way to share the benefits of Airtable with their extended networks.  

In January, our Top Contributors offered 84 solutions, started 24 new threads, wrote 356 replies, and received 203 kudos 🔥 

*click the usernames and links below to learn more about January’s Top Contributors.


Top Solution Authors 🧠

  1. @TheTimeSavingCo - 56 Solutions Authored 
  2. @kuovonne - 20 Solutions Authored
  3. @Ben_Young1 - 8 Solutions Authored

Most Threads Started 🗣

  1. @Ashley_Jackson - 9 Conversations Started
  2. @matt_stewart1 - 9 Conversations Started
  3. @Karlstens - 6 Conversations Started

Top Replies 📨

  1. @TheTimeSavingCo - 215 Replies Authored
  2. @kuovonne - 72 Replies Authored
  3. @Karlstens - 69 Replies Authored

Top Kudoed Authors 👍

  1. @kuovonne - 92 Kudos Received
  2. @TheTimeSavingCo - 74 Kudos Received
  3. @Karlstens - 37 Kudos Received

Social Impacters ♥️

  1. @chrisdancy  - Tune in to the upcoming Building Heart-Centered Apps with Airtable by Chris!
  2. @Justin_Barrett  - If you like me and just discovered All About That Base, tune in each week for Formula Fridays as Justin provides tips & tutorials for Airtable.


Thank you all for your contributions to the Airtable Community both in January, and over the last months and years that you’ve been involved. Can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish in February!

18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

What a nice way to highlight the people who participate in this community! Thank you. 

However, I have to ask how your definition of a top contributor (passionate, helpful, friendly) is taken into account in how you identify these contributors? The first several lists (solutions, kudos, replies, posts) a can be generated automatically from statistics with no knowledge of the actual content of the post. I can see how passionate people have more posts. I can see how helpful people have more solutions. I don’t see how these statistics show how friendly someone is. In fact, sometimes unfriendly conversations generate a lot of posts/replies. (Not the case with this list, but anyone who has witnessed a flame war on a forum knows what I mean.)

I don’t have a specific request. I’m just tossing out my thoughts and impressions. Thanks for your patience with me. 

Airtable Alumni (Retired)

Thank you @kuovonne,, these are all great points! As we continue to evaluate future Top Contributors we will be reviewing both quantitative and qualitative data.

Friendliness will fall under how each member up holds the Communities Code of Conduct and Guidelines as they interact with other members of the Airtable Community.

I agree that heated conversations could generate more posts/replies, but we also want to make sure we are keeping it constructive (criticizing ideas, not people). As long as members are being respectful they'll have a great shot at becoming a future Airtable Top Contributor!