Airtable Top Contributors | January & February 2024

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, hello! Welcome to this special edition of our Top Contributors post, covering both January and February!

Okay I admit it, I got a tad behind on these posts, but that just means double the fun and recognition this time around, right?

Every month, we love to spotlight the all-stars in the Airtable Community who have gone the extra mile to help others boost their Airtable game.

These Top Contributors are the real MVPs. They're not just brimming with knowledge and ready to lend a hand, but they also radiate friendliness and passion for all things Airtable. As always, choosing our Top Contributors isn't just a numbers game. We include both qualitative and quantitative aspects, ensuring our Top Contributors are not just knowledgeable, but also embody our Community Code of Conduct and Guidelines in their interactions.

In January and February, our Top Contributors outdid themselves with 129 solutions, 775 replies, and 340 kudos received. Talk about starting the year off with a bang!


Top Solution Authors 🧠


  1. @ScottWorld - 24 Solutions Authored 
  2. @kuovonne - 9 Solutions Authored
  3. @Alexey_Gusev - 6 Solutions Authored


  1. @TheTimeSavingCo - 51 Solutions Authored 
  2. @ScottWorld - 29 Solutions Authored
  3. @Alexey_Gusev - 10 Solutions Authored


Top Replies 📨


  1. @ScottWorld - 160 Replies Authored 
  2. @kuovonne- 33 Replies Authored
  3. @Alexey_Gusev26 Replies Authored


  1. @TheTimeSavingCo- 308 Replies Authored 
  2. @ScottWorld - 209 Replies Authored
  3. @Alexey_Gusev - 39 Replies Authored


Top Kudoed Authors 👍


  1. @ScottWorld - 71 Kudos Received 
  2. @kuovonne- 46 Kudos Received
  3. @Justin_Barrett - 12 Kudos Received


  1. @TheTimeSavingCo - 90 Kudos Received
  2. @ScottWorld - 86 Kudos Received
  3. @kuovonne- 35 Kudos Received


Community Fun: what are you most proud of?

In keeping with the uniqueness of this post, let’s try out a new conversation starter! Instead of the usual "Highlighted Post," let’s create a space where you can let yourself shine. We’re eager to hear what you're most proud of accomplishing so far this year, whether it's a personal achievement or a professional milestone, share it below! After all, our community is not just about sharing knowledge and solving problems, but also about celebrating each other's successes.

If your proud moment involves Airtable, even better! We'd love to hear about the new skills you've developed, the complex problems you've solved, or any impact you've had using Airtable. Maybe you've mastered some of our new features such as pivot tables in interfaces, or you’ve pushed out a new interface to your team that’s helped increase productivity! No achievement is too small or too big to share. So let's take a moment to reflect on our achievements and inspire each other with our stories. This is open to ALL Community members, so whether you were featured above as a Top Contributor or not, reply below to share!

Catch you all soon to celebrate March. 😀