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Airtable Alumni (Retired)

Welcome to March’s edition of our Top Contributors post! 

This is our third month of recognizing top contributors in the Airtable Community. These members have gone above and beyond to help others learn and grow their skills with Airtable. We hope you enjoy reading through all of the contributions and kudos from last month. 

In March, our Top Contributors offered  105 solutions, started 15 new threads, wrote 438 replies, and received 208 kudos! 🤘

*click the links below to learn more about March's Top Contributors.

Top Solution Authors 🧠

  1. @TheTimeSavingCo authored 71 Solutions 
    @TheTimeSavingCo guided @andyh  to an automation that will easily track athletes’ races and training scores. Follow the steps of the automation illustrated here

  2. @kuovonne authored 17 Solutions 
    @kuovonne helped @John_Savidge with an automation to track shipping costs and weight. Follow the conversation here

  3. @Ben_Young1 authored 17 Solutions
    @Ben_Young1  introduced Repeating groups feature to @commencalmatt to build an automation. You can follow the conversation here and learn more about the feature here.

Most Threads Started 🗣

  1. @plyske started 7 Threads 
    @plyske started a conversation with @Alexey_Gusev  about using webhooks. Follow the discussion here

  2. @chrisdancy started 4 Threads
    @chrisdancy  posted in our events section about DARETABLE 2023. Find more information about the upcoming user conference here.

  3. @Drew_Nemer started 4 Threads 
    @Drew_Nemer asked for advice on the best way to organize tables in List View. Learn about how @Ben_Young1 achieves this by following the conversation here

Top Replies 📨

  1. @TheTimeSavingCo authored 315 replies
    @TheTimeSavingCo helped @DianaMk size images for different devices & it worked perfectly. Check out the conversation here

  2. @Ben_Young1  authored 64 Replies 
    @Ben_Young1  tackled a complicated automation, providing multiple ways to find a solution for @jwag.  Follow the conversation here

  3. @kuovonne - 59 Replies Authored
    @kuovonne  helped @Craig_Toohey update a formula in a primary table without losing important data in other tables. Check out their conversation here

Top Kudoed Authors 👍

  1. @TheTimeSavingCo received 94 kudos
    @TheTimeSavingCo received kudos from @mmr1443  for finding a solution for a complex automation.  Read about the solution here

  2. @kuovonne  received 59 kudos
    @kuovonne  received kudos for helping @FatimaHK who is a new user of Airtable 👋 with an automation. Read about the solution here

  3. @Karlstens received 55 Kudos
    @Karlstens received kudos from @Matt_Lister for providing a helpful tip for scripting. Follow the conversation here.

Social Impacters ♥️

Thank you all for your contributions to the Airtable Community in March, can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish in April 🌷🌷🌷

How do we select top contributors?

We define a Top Contributor as someone who is passionate, helpful, friendly, and active in the Airtable Community.. These members continue to share their knowledge and build positive relationships by answering questions, starting new threads, and going out of their way to share their Airtable expertise and advice with their extended networks.

As we continue to evaluate each month's Top Contributors we will be reviewing both qualitative and quantitative data, as well as how each member upholds our Communities Code of Conduct and Guidelines as they interact with other members of the Airtable Community.