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Community Forum Spring Cleaning ✨

Hi Community! Today we’re spring cleaning the Community Forum. While every topic in the forum sparks joy, they aren’t always organized in a way that is easy to find or to follow. We’re adding some new...

The official launch of Airtable Blocks

Today’s the day: we’ve officially launched Airtable Blocks! Blocks are modular apps that live on top of your Airtable bases that will allow you to extend your workflows in completely new ways. We’re i...

Duration field type

The latest field type, duration, is now live! It’s designed to store time durations measured in hours, minutes, seconds, or milliseconds. There are five different formatting options: h:mm - for hours ...

Row height: control density of records in grid view

With our new adjustable row heights, you can now choose to have your records display more text and larger images while in grid views! Select from one of four different row height settings: stick with ...