Community Change Maker: Shae Redding - Rogers

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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee
The Airtable Community Change Maker Spotlights are a new ongoing series where we will be highlighting inspirational creators across the Airtable Community. We are thrilled to be able to highlight Shae Redding – Rogers
LM: How would you describe yourself on the back of your autobiography?

SRR: Shae Redding – Rogers was born in Manhattan, New York by a single mother that never let her give up on her dreams and encouraged her to find her own voice. Growing up Shae always saw the hidden depths of the world that other people sometimes miss in their haste or preoccupation. Shae wanted to choose a path in life that was in line with her mind, body and soul and her studies led her to Architectural Photography. Shae enjoys being able to bring out the beauty of a space or a building that would otherwise go unnoticed or unheard.  Besides her passion for photography, she also enjoys various hobbies like gardening, cooking and woodworking. 

LM: How long have you been using Airtable?

SRR: I first heard of Airtable back in 2017 but when I downloaded it I promptly got busy and didn’t come back to it until 2019 where I began dabbling but by 2020 I was a true believer and haven’t looked back since.  

LM: How do you use Airtable? At work? At home?

SRR: In the beginning, I was only using Airtable to help me run my architectural photography business but the more I learned and discovered the capabilities of this amazing program I quickly began adapting it for personal use as well as business use.  Whether it’s organizing an impressive board game database for game nights with friends or just trying to keep track of my “need to watch” movie list, Airtable has got me covered, always.

LM: What is your favorite Airtable feature?
SRR: I love the customization of the whole service. It allows me to think like me and build something just for me.
LM: How did you learn how to use Airtable?

SRR: A lot of tutorials and going to the community. I joined a couple different groups that help me everyday.

LM: If someone is looking to start learning Airtable, what resources would you send them?

SRR: Start by watch YouTube Videos and then start playing with it. You can only learn something by doing.

LM: Who in the Airtable Community inspires you and why?
SRR: Kamille Parks & Justin Barrett  

LM: What is your favorite Airtable project you’ve ever worked on?

SRR: I have two, which are the main one’s I work on and I’m trying to combine them, which is taking forever. 

NRD (Networking Relations Database) & The Factory 

NRD🤓 is where the world bends to Shae’s Desires. It’s a place where Energy🔥 aligns and lighting️Strikes. Every ingredient🧪 is working unknown while the planets🌏 are turning to create a realm of pure🔮possibility. Welcome to Shae’s World!!

LM: What is your favorite thing about the Airtable Community?

SRR: I like meeting people that enjoy the same thing as I do. We are not the same nor think the same but try to help one another regardless. 

LM: What advice would you give to new members of the Airtable Community?

SRR: This community has different tribes, find your tribe and enjoy the ride.

LM: What is your favorite hobby outside of work?
SRR: Music and Reading
LM: What impact has Airtable had on your workflow? (ex: saving time)

SRR: Airtable has allowed me to organize the minutia of behind the scenes work so that I am able  to focus my attention on the photography that I love instead of the office drudgery that I weighs me down.  

LM: How did you get into the low-code community?

SRR: I met a virtual assistant that told me that I needed to get organized and put everything online for others to help me with my company. They told me about Airtable and a couple other Low-Code/No-Code apps. I now have over 150 apps for my business that I use everyday thanks to this advice.  

LM: Anything else you’d like to share?

SRR: I am always willing to talk to anyone and help out when I can. You can find me at