Community Platform 23.3 Release Update

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Airtable Alumni (Retired)

Welcome to our first Airtable Community Platform Release Update where we will share an update of all the latest enhancements and bug fixes that have been deployed.

First and foremost, we want to thank you all for your patience and feedback on the Community experience as our team has been transitioning to a new platform. We’ve been hard at work resolving many of the UI issues and bugs that came up during our platform migration. This is the first of a series of updates we’ll be making, and we look forward to seeing the experience improve for everyone throughout this process. 

Big shoutout to the following members who provided detailed and thoughtful feedback that helped address these issues.

@kuovonne, @Hannah_Wiginton, @Furst_Name, @Bill_French, @Andy_Cloke, @Databaser, @Karlstens, @Pedro_Pais, @Nathaniel_Grano 


You found it! We fixed it!

  • We’ve removed ‘invalid HTML’ errors that were showing up even when there was no HTML present.
  • You no longer need to obtain a certain rank to be able to edit your own posts. Everyone can now easily edit their posts regardless of rank.
  • You used to be restricted from changing your username. We’ve updated that setting so that you can edit your username once you’ve reached the rank of Contributor. Most folks earn that rank by engaging in our Community with actions like commenting, giving kudos, or starting a new post.
  • We were running into an issue with upload image attachments. These have now been fixed, so you should be able to easily add photos to your posts.


Other fixes that shipped in this cycle:

  • Solution check mark color has been updated to dark green.
  • Rank icons have been updated with a transparent background.
  • Preview attachments have been enabled so members can view attachments before clicking into a post.
  • Lengthy labels have been removed from the Forum Topic Page (post page) and the number of visible labels have been reduced from the Forum Page (main discussion forum board).
  • Formatting of special characters in posts are now fixed.
  • Top Solution Author count value display has been fixed, they are now inside the component border.
  • Avatar image sizes have been reduced and are now all uniform in size.
  • Emoticons have been fixed and available to use within posts and titles.
  • Previously, when you subscribed to a Forum board and set your notifications to be received in a digest, you received an error when you clicked the Unsubscribe option from the digest email. This issue is fixed.
  • Previously, when uploading videos of a maximum of 10 GB it failed to upload (timed-out) even if the size was less than 10GB. This issue is fixed. Now, you can successfully upload videos without being timed-out.
  • Previously, in a Forum topic, when members tried to edit a reply that was marked as a solution, the edit page of the original topic was opening instead of the reply editor. This led to difficulty for members to edit the reply. This issue is fixed. Now, members can edit the replies that are marked as solutions to the Forum topics.


Continue sharing your feedback

We so appreciate the time you have taken to share thoughtful, kind feedback with our team on how to make this experience better. We will continue to prioritize feedback shared by members as we improve our platform, so please continue to provide feedback by responding to this post or by completing our Airtable Community Feedback form. Thank you all for being a valuable part of the Community!


Thank you,