Community Release Notes | December 2023

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey folks,

Thank you all for sending in feedback about your experience with the community. It was awesome to see how many of you reached out and flagged ways that we can improve! Without further adieu, I have some exciting updates to share…


  • Minutes to log out” time has been extended! A few of you expressed frustration in having to log in to the Community more frequently than you’d expect, but you should now notice that you stay logged in longer! 🎉
  • Google Chrome bug fix on mobile and iPad

On the road map: 

  • Search results will soon display “Author Name”! This is an exciting fix for the search experience that will allow you to more easily access resources and discussions. You can expect this update in the coming weeks.
  • More updates to the search experience - this will be a bigger project so stay tuned
  • More interaction from Product! We hear your requests for more engagement from our Product team and I’m happy to share that we’re working on ways to improve this experience.


  • Text editor updates such as ability to markdown, and quote/code on mobile - these changes aren’t currently possible for me to implement but I’m going to keep them as open requests so we can revisit once available with our vendor. 
  • Ability to mark items in notification feed as “read” and “unread” - this also isn’t available for me to implement but will keep this as an open request.

Unable to replicate: 

  • Issues with subscribing/unsubscribing on Safari - I went through a few different rounds of trying to replicate this and couldn’t, but if anyone still sees this issue, please let me know directly! 


  • For visibility into the Airtable Product roadmap, keep an eye on our “What’s New” page. This is a great resource to follow along with the items that are upcoming and prioritized by our Product team.
  • Permalink: when you select “permalink” from the drop down menu of a comment or post, the expected behavior is that your URL will change to provide you with an option to copy the URL. Note that clicking “permalink” won’t automatically copy the link to your clipboard, and the change in the URL is often subtle so it may seem like that button doesn’t do anything - but it does! And it’s handy if you’re trying to anchor to a specific comment in a thread.
  • The Airtable Community Feedback Form is for Community Ideas only. Product Ideas submitted through this form will not be considered or routed to Product.


Thanks again for your ideas! I’m excited to keep making improvements to make this a fun and enjoyable space for everyone.

18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Thanks for the update, @MaddieJ!

Regarding the Safari problem, this problem is now 50% fixed! 🙂 Here's how you can duplicate the rest of the problem:

1. Use Safari for Mac.
2. View any post (not an announcement).
3. THIS IS NOW FIXED: When you click on "Post Options", "Subscribe" and "Unsubscribe" now work properly! Thank you! 🙂
4. However, when you click on "Topic Options" (in the upper right), "Subscribe" and "Unsubscribe" do not work.

Thank you!

12 - Earth
12 - Earth

The (coming) updates sound great, thanks for the update. 

Concerning the "what's new page"; I have never, in >6 years using Airtable, read (new) upcoming updates in this list. On the contrary; most of the more subtle, though often important to ones to know, aren't mentioned (also think UI/UX ones) and sometimes the list isn't updated for 1 or 2 months in a row (like we had this year). So is it a new thing that we will be seeing roadmap updates in this list? No intentions on reacting to posts under the "Product Ideas" section?

I would also love it if Airtable gave coming product updates in this kind of detail/structure.