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Airtable Employee

We're thrilled to announce the release of Airtable AI, a set of features with the potential to transform your workflows! These features allow you to embed generative AI capabilities directly within your Airtable apps to help your team make better decisions faster, increase your team’s efficiency, and allow you to differentiate your business. Airtable AI lets you leverage the power of generative AI models with your own data and workflows, all in a safe and controlled environment.

 What you can do with Airtable AI:

  • Summarize and discover new insights – Get to the point, faster. Airtable AI can parse large text fields and thousands of rows of data to surface the most relevant information.
  • Categorize information – Action your data easily. Tag and organize information according to theme, sentiment, audience, product feature, use case, and more.
  • Route work-in-progress – Uncover smarter operations. Identify collaborators, link related projects, and match your work to initiatives across the org. 
  • Generate content – Create a first draft in seconds. Spend your time iterating, editing, and polishing the right message rather than just getting started. 
  • Translate content – Go borderless with every initiative. Translate data from one language to another instantly, at scale.

Check out our step-by-step guides to implementing each of these key use cases using the Airtable AI features. Now, let’s explore the features!


AI in the long text field

Generate a draft, summarize text, categorize, or translate using your Airtable data as inputs. When you turn on AI generation within a long text field, you can specify what instructions to give a large language model (LLM), either by using a template or by writing your own prompt.

AI field in ProdOps interface w red boxes.png


AI in automations

Do all the things you can do with AI in the long text field and more with automations. Using the AI action in automations, you can trigger an AI request at a specific time of week, or when a new record is created. You can pass many different records to the LLM to create a summary or extract key information. You can leverage the power of automations to send the AI-generated content in an email, post it to Slack, save it in a new Google Doc, or share it via other channels.

AI_in_Automations - Slack feedback example.png


AI matches in linked records

Help your team link their data faster by using AI to identify the right linked records. When you turn on AI matches in a linked record field, you can specify which fields in your source table and linked record table are most relevant for making the matches. Then, when your team accesses the linked record field, they’ll see the AI suggested matches show up at the top of the linked record picker. Try this feature for matching projects to objectives, campaigns to key audiences, customer feedback to product opportunities, and much more.

Top matches in LR picker w border.png


Formula generation

Use Airtable AI to write, edit, and caption your Airtable formulas for you! Simply describe what you want the formula to do, and Airtable AI will write a first draft and populate the formula description. If that’s not exactly what you wanted, describe the changes you want to make and Airtable AI will edit the formula for you.



Comment summary

Use Airtable AI to summarize comments in long threads in interfaces. Simply click the summarize button to get a succinct summary so you can get up to speed faster.



How to get started

If you’re on a Team or Business plan, you can opt-in to access to a limited number of AI credits each month to test out these features and figure out how they fit into your workflows. If you need more credits, you can purchase the AI add-on, which allows you to use AI at scale. Enterprise customers should talk with their account team to get access to Airtable AI.

For all customers, a workspace admin or Enterprise Admin needs to enable AI for the organization. While users will see that AI functionality exists, they won’t be able to access it without an administrator’s approval. Enterprise Admins also have more granular control over the workspaces in which AI is enabled.


Airtable protects the privacy and security of our customers' data. No customer data is retained by our AI vendors or used to train current or future large language models (LLMs). 

Enterprise customers can choose which LLMs are used with Airtable AI. Options include OpenAI’s models and Anthropic’s Claude models (via Amazon Bedrock, a service hosted in the Amazon Web Services environment).


Airtable AI is an add-on feature that is available to customers with paid Airtable licenses. The per user cost gives you access to credits to use across your team to access AI functionality. If you need more credits to run large numbers of AI requests, you can purchase a credit pack to access additional credits. See for more information.

This is just the beginning!

We’re going to be improving these features (and building many more) in the months to come! We’d love your feedback on how we can improve these and also what else you’d like to see us prioritize!