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Airtable Alumni (Retired)

Hello! I hope the week is off to a great start.

Here to share some exciting news about updates that were made to bulk field operations. Back in November, we released the ability to manage field permissions on multiple fields in bulk. Here are some of the changes you’ll notice starting today:

  • The ability to select multiple fields, and hide them in one click.
  • The ability to select multiple fields (up to 50) to filter by within a single table with one click, enabling faster filtering and customization of information.
  • The ability to group by up to 3 fields with one click, for more fine-grained ability to categorize information.
  • The ability to select multiple fields, and move them in one click.

We hope that these updates make it easier for you to manage fields effectively and at scale, freeing up time for optimizations that accelerate process improvements.

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We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback below!