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Security & Compliance Admin Settings

Hello,Can someone please shed some light on what the "Full" and "Access Read-only Share links" options are under Read-only Share links Configuration section? The help page here talks about everythign except this option.Thanks so much for your help!

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Hi! I need help. I am attempting to connect a Jotform to my Airtable. Here is the problem: on the Jotform, users can submit multiple students to nominate on one form (ex: student 1, student 2, etc). From there, I want the data to populate on my airta...

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Email Automation wont accept my email formula

I have a field generating an email for each person on a list: CONCATENATE( {First Name},".",{Last Name},"@Gmail.Com")  This formula creates a list in my "Resource email:" field.The issue is, when I create an automation to send an...

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Checkoff subtasks from a task

Hi,I have a base with a list of tasks that need to be performed. Every task has a list of different subtasks (about 6 per task) that need to be checked off by someone who performs the task. What would be the best way to approach this? Thanks,Mark 

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Manual sort behaves different in List view and automation

Hi all,We're working with a List view interface where users use the relatively new manual sorting feature to create a list of approx. 30 materials that make 1 product. I've added an automation to copy these materials over to another product, which wo...

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Creating or using fuzzy or wildcard dates

I want to create a field or use a field that will allow me to create "fuzzy dates".  I'm in a business where I want to create records containing a date field.  But, the date field sometimes needs to be flexible.  Sometimes, I know an exact date, like...

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Create a PDF Purchase Order for emailing to suppliers

Hi allI want to create a purchase order (contract) in a PDF file for sending via Outlook to my suppliers.Goal: Create a pdf Purchase Order automatically generated upon a trigger (PO Ready) from the master order which can be emailed out to multiple em...

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FPX by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Preset, click-into-record views. Why not transferable??

Hi Airtable Community,I have a question regarding building interfaces in Airtable, specifically about building custom click-into-record preset views.When setting up an interface, I can configure it so that clicking into a record displays detailed inf...

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