+A simple in-email "accept quote" button?

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Newbie alert!

Our new, small quote+follow up Airtable database works, we have an automation to email quotes to clients. It works just fine.

We would like to refine things a bit by adding a CTA link/button allowing client to accept the quote contained in the email in one click (or by creating an automated acceptance email in return).

Is there a simple function in Airtable that would allow us to do this – or is this a new development/third party connector issue?

Thank you.

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I was thinking about this a few weeks ago, and came up with a "Magic Link" type solution, which leverages a table containing a form view, that sends pre-filled form links containing the form numbers, and then an automation that cross links the information with the original quote.


Here is a simple table with unique Quote IDs;


Then, create another table that details a Form that the end-user needs to click to accept the quote;


The trick is - within the automation email sent to the customer, you'll be prefilling the form with details of their quote and email.


Details on how to pre-fill an Airtable Form below.

The pre-filled form will contain the unique details of that customers quote;


And as the customer accepts the quote, the second table will fill up with new records that then simply need to be crossed referenced against the original Table containing the original quote and customer ID.