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4 - Data Explorer

hello - i created a button field that triggers an email via sendgrid integration. while this functionality is possible as a creator/internal user, it is not possible (i.e., button not clickable) when a shared view is generated and viewed as a non-internal user.

is there a way to allow non-internal users who view the shared view to click the button to generate the email?

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

No, the only type of button field that works in shared views is a button that opens a url. You could have a button field that opens a form and when the user fills out the form the newly created record triggers your automation.

@j_c_pascasio Also, this is a bit more advanced to setup, but if you want to use an external automation service that supports SendGrid, you can have the button open the URL of a webhook in Make, which could then send an email using SendGrid.

Your scenario might look something like this: