Adding a delay to an Automation

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hello everyone!

I've created an Automation that fires when a Record enters a certain View (date). However, if a colleague of mine creates a Record, sets the date till today which triggers the Automation, the Automation will start firing which will end up in an empty e-mail sent.

So I want to add some sort of a delay to this Automation in order for my colleague to have a chance inserting the data to the different fields.

I've read back and forth on different forums. The closest I've come is this solution:

"I’ve used LAST_MODIFIED_TIME() comparisons on multiple occasions to build automation triggers, and have never run into issues. My trigger formulas typically look like this:

AND({Field To Watch}, NOW() > DATEADD(LAST_MODIFIED_TIME({Field To Watch}), 5, "minutes"))

This ensures that the field actually contains data, and that data was last updated more than five minutes ago. If both conditions are true, the formula will output a 1; otherwise it outputs zero. The datetime returned by LAST_MODIFIED_TIME() updates with every saved change to the field, which means multiple changes for even the simplest thing the user might type. That constantly pushes out that five-minute endpoint, so I don’t even think about how often NOW() is updating or how fast the user types. Both are irrelevant because the target is five minutes away from their last edit."

I think it sounds like what I am searching for. However I am not sure how to accomplish it (Which fields I need to create and how the Automation should look like). Can someone help me out?



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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

To keep your same structure - you could also add another filter on your 'view' filter only if email is not empty - that way it won't fire until an email is entered.