Airtable Automation | Loop over records in view to fill out content in template email

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there,

Each record in my airtable view represents a user and contains data on that user. I would like to send out a weekly email to each user in an airtable view to provide them updates. While trying to send these emails by automation I am only able to send a list of records containing info on all records in view. Instead I would like to just provide each user with their own information contained in their row of the view.

For Example

Hi {Name},

This is your weekly update on your wellness credits. {Company Name} has utilized {percent} of wellness credits since your last investment date {invesment_date}.

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Create a formula field that will trigger your automation for each record. The following formula will count down how many minutes until the “send time” (12pm GMT)


Set the Automation trigger to be when the formula field is equal to or less than zero. If you have 50 users, the Automation will run 50 times per day to send the email out to everyone individually.