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4 - Data Explorer

Hi! I've been trying for two weeks to create some automations with integromat but i can't find a solution, can someone explain me step-by-step the necessary integromato flow (i'm sorry but i haven't knowledge in the field).

I have a two tables in Airtable, OR and RA. The two most important fields in OR are: Name and Surname, Machineries and Last Modified (Machineries is a multiple choice field). When i select one or more machineries in OR i would like that every single machine will be automatically saved in RA, each machine in a different row with the associated name and surname, so that i can save in each row the time the machine has started working and the time it stopped, in order to compound the utilization of the machine.

Trying to do this process i incurred in many problems, when i deselect a machine from OR it does not delete the record from RA, but it duplicates the record of the remaining machines; when i select an extra machine the new machine is saved but the previous ones are duplicated. This are some of the problems but there are many others.

I would like a flow that saves new machines (that works with one or more), and that works when for example i select two machines, the record of the two machines is saved, and then i decide to change one or both the machines (so i must update the record in RA), add one or more machines (so add only the record of the added machines), remove one or more machines (and so delete the record of the removed machines). there could also be the possibility of a combination of these situations (remove and update or create and update).

I don't know if my request is easy or i'm asking too much, but thanks already.

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