Airtable + Make/Integromat Automation. Dealing with primary and secondary emails.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi Airtable community, 

I have a Airtable CRM base that stores contact records. I input additional contact records into this base from a variety of other platforms via Make/Integromat, such as Mailchimp, WooCommerce, WordPress, Google Sheets, etc.

An example automation workflow in Make/Integromat would look like this:

  • Step 1: New contact record (via a new row) in Google Sheets >
  • Step 2: Search Airtable (contact) record (by searching a contact's email) >
  • Step 3: Upsert Airtable (contact record)
    • In other words, "upsert Airtable contact record" means if the Airtable contact record's email field matches from Step 2 (search contact by email), then update the record. If Airtable does not have a contact record with the email from G.Sheets, create new record.

This automation works great, but the problem is if a contact record already exists in Airtable, but that person enters a different email from their pre-existing email in Airtable, a new Airtable contact record will get created. For example, John Doe's email in Airtable =, but he enters in GSheets a different email like Now I have two "John Does". I don't want Make/Integromat to search Airtable by contact name, because there might be hundreds of John Does out there.

To address this, I've added in a new field called "Email Secondary". But I don't know how to set this up in Make/Integromat. 

Below is the ideal logic I'd like to happen. For understanding's sake, here's definitions:

  • emailGSheets = email entered into a G.Sheets row
  • emailField1 = email field in Airtable called "Email Primary"
  • emailField2 = email field in Airtable called "Email Secondary"

If emailGSheets = emailField1, enter emailGSheets into emailField1.

If emailGSheets != emailField1, skip emailField1, check emailField2.

If emailGSheets = emailField2 OR emailField2 is blank, fill in emailField2 with emailGSheets.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!!

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If the email is only reliable identification of your customer and they previously provided you and now again -> you will end up with 2 records. After that it really looks like a task for a human if the John Doe above is the same person.

However it you have both emails in Airtable already you could use following formula in Search Module in Make.:
OR(emailField1="email from GSheets ",emailField1="email from GSheets ") 

This way future submissions are matching correctly.

I hope that helps a bit at least!