Airtable to Google Calendar Automation not respecting Guest Permission defaults

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4 - Data Explorer

I'm building out the Airtable to Google Calendar Automation (see this article)

It is important for us to hide the guest list so invitees cannot see other people invited or their contact information. There is not a setting inside Airtable automations that handles guest list or guest permissions from as far as I can see.

The Google Calendar account that we are using to send out these invites has guest list and guest permissions DISABLED by default. If I create a new Google Calendar invite inside Google Calendar itself, they are disabled. Works as expected and respects the defaults.

However, when I use Airtable to create Google Calendar invites, it is ignoring this setting in my Google Calendar account and creating invites that ALLOW people to view the guest list.

Any ideas?

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I would alert Airtable to this problem, and then in the meantime, I would use Make.

Make lets you set the guest permissions.

If you need help navigating Make or writing a script to trigger a webhook in Make, check out my posts here and here.