All of sudden my Automations have stopped working and started giving errors

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4 - Data Explorer

Airtable automations have stopped working altogether for me. The Automations worked perfectly fine uptil 27th of this month(Screenshot-1 attached) but all the of sudden it stopped working(Screenshot-2 attached). I have checked all the conditional formatting and also ran a test for automations and it works fine during test but it gives error in real time automations.  I have not changed anything in the automations and I have also checked that I have not ran over the automations run per month count but it stopped working for me. 

Is anyone else facing the same problem. Will be grateful if someone helps me sort it out 

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Hmm, did the field type of the "Status" field change at any point?  If you could share a duplicate of your base without any records in it that would be best; troubleshooting the automation without access is pretty tricky!