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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am attempting to find a formula that will create a continual weekly release date when I create a new topic for a podcast.  For example, if I were to have a release today and I were to open a new row, it would automatically populate a week from now in the date, so on and so forth.

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So, if the field {release date today} is filled in, you want a date field that adds 1 week to that release date?

If that's the case, this formula should work:



IF({Release date today}, DATEADD({Release date today}, 1, "week"))


That is really close, but I am needing it to where I create a new row, it adds a date a week after the row above it. Does that make sense? That way when I make a new row, it shows when it will be due and if I were to rearrange the rows, it would adjust automatically.

Ah yes. In that case, you still add the formula field in your original record. That way, you always have that "release date" + 1 week. Add an extra field (eg checkbox or single select) that triggers an automation. "When record matches conditions" = when checkbox is not empty. Add an "create new record" action that creates a new record in that same table. Let that action dynamically update the {release date today} field with the value of your formula field (so the +1 week) from the record that you used as a trigger (so the one with the checkbox checked). That way, you can create records with +1 week every time. 

Hope that makes sense this way. 

Okay I will try to come up with a formula and see how it works!

Okay I have been trying this but have been unsuccessful. This is what I have so far.  When I attempt to create a formula for the publish date, it gives me an error for the "publish date" that was a swap in wording from the previous formula that was "release date" in the earlier comment.  Any advice?