Automate Multiple User Form Approval with PDF attachments, Signature, and Modifications

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I was looking for best practices on how to automation a form and I was not sure if I should be looking a different plug-ins. I am leaving towards using Make help out with this process.

The more I dig into this with AirTable, if looks overly complicated, I am wondering if there is a better tool to use.

On the form I need the following:

  • Ability to upload attachments (images or pdf)
  • Digital Sign or email approve the form
  • a way for the end user to be able to modify the form
  • create a PDF of the form and include the attachments.

Then, I want to email the form for approval to 4 different people via email. If a form is denied, then give the ability for the end user to be able to update the form.

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Airtable can definitely hold your form responses & your attachments, but you would need to start with a professional form tool like JotForm to handle your first 3 requirements.

Not sure if JotForm supports the 4th requirement, but you could always turn to DocuMint for that.

Both JotForm and DocuMint already have native Airtable integration built into their products, but as you mentioned, you could always use for more advanced integrations.

Thank you Scott for taking the time to help me out. You are amazing!!!