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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi guys, I am new here and I need some help regarding Grid-View and Calendar:

I have two tables. Table 1 shows Projects which have been booked - every record contains ‘project name’ as a single line text field and ‘project date’ as a date field. Table 2 should show them so I am trying to sync both tables (they stay in one base).

I tried to make an automization:

  • sync date field of table one with date field in table two. This works fine.
  • sync project name won’t work because I cannot automize a string with a date field.

My question is: how can I sync project name + project date out of table 1 with table 2?

If there is a thread for this task I would appreciate if somebody can share it with me.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @Marvin and welcome to the community!

I don’t understand why you would want the data to also be accessible in a different table… Could you explain some more please?

You can’t “sync” between tables in the same base. So unless you’re confusing terms with “linking records” or automating the creation of new records (which can only be done in the same base), syncing won’t work.

Couldn’t you just make a Calendar-type view in Table 1? Why do the same records have to be in a second table?

Hi @Databaser

We have an event planning company and all of our bookings are being fetched within a list - before airtable we summarized all bookings in an excel sheet and had to use outlook as a calendar system because we not only need a list of our bookings but also a booking calendar. That is why we need a second ‘view’ or table to show three columns of the grid view as a calendar entry.

For example:

company name: John Doe LLC
pax: 50 att.
date: 20th August, 2021
event name: dinner event

I need those records to be shown as a calendar entry. I got the automation work with the date - but until now all entries show as ‘unnamed record’ although I automate also the first column of the grid (event name).

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi guys,

I think I solved this by using two bases - one for the projects and all information itself and one for the calendar.

Hi @Marvin

I still don’t get why you need that 2nd table, only to show (a part of) your data in a calendar view. It is the same data, right?

Yes it is the same data - it is ok now, we use a 2nd base as calendar view now.

I know that I could just switch to calendar view in table 1 just to show the entries. But as for the workflow we need a calendar to check wether we still have capacities on a specific date or not.