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4 - Data Explorer

We run a 10-week workshop and want to send emails out after each workshop to the attendees. Right now we have a multiple select field with Wk 1, Wk 2, etc and we use that to track who attended. Now we want to send emails out and I can figure out the best way to trigger emails using that single field. Wk 1 is easy, if they have Wk 1 they get the email. if not, they dont. But once we get to Wk 2 it gets more challenging.

I don't want to end up with 10 fields one for each week because the team that uses the base will never update it so I'm looking for creative ideas on how to trigger each email. I'm also not opposed to creating some fields at the end of the table that update based on weeks selected but I'm not sure how to do that either.





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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

And here is where I get stuck.

Week 2 Trigger.jpg


Hey Brad, doable, but I have some questions before I suggest something:

1. Is each workshop represented by a single record?
2. Is the email for each week the same? 
3. Do the emails have to be personalized?  (i.e. Hi [ATTENDEE NAME])

We track each person's attendance in their record so Sally has a record and Bob does too. We go to Sally and select Wk1 then Bob and select Wk 1. Emails are different each week but do not have to be customized.

At most we have 10 to 12 records in each workshop so updating each record is easy enought. 



6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I use a Base for training that may be close to yours.  I have a table for Courses that holds the course descriptions.  I have one for Sessions that holds the dates and times for each course.  I have one for Attendees that holds the attendee information and lastly a Registrations table that links the Attendees to the Sessions.  After each attendee signs up, they receive a confirmation email with the date and time of their event.  In the Registrations table, I have a view setup for the next course filtered on date.  The day prior to the course, a reminder email is sent via automations using that view holding the attendees in tomorrow's course.  In the course, I mark them present using a checkbox.  I have another view created that is filtered by that days course and present checked.  When the record enters that view, they receive a thank you email.  Another view is setup that filters that days course and present unchecked.  At the end of that day, those attendees get a missed course reminder.  All of these are setup to send emails from records in certain views.  I created those views based on check boxes and date filters.  I hope this helps and wasn't too much information.

Ah okay.  May I know what issues you faced when using an automation with conditional logic for this?  i.e. if the field had the value 'Wk 1', it would send week one's email, if it had 'Wk 2', it would send week two's?

If each workshop has a different email per week, you could duplicate this automation and change the content and it would work fine.  If the emails changed every time the workshop was run, you could just update the automations after the previous workshop run ended?