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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

 Hi, warning!  I'm new to Airtable and using the basic tier.

I'm trying to create a website that will show different lists depending on the answers submitted in a form. I have created the website in Softr and a Form in Tally. The website connects to the form which now populates a table in Airtable.

Users have to answer two questions, each with two options. Eg Answer A or B and then answer C or D.  This gives me four groups: AC AD BC and BD. My Base in Airtable now has a table where the primary field shows the time of submission (I have not collected emails or names) and then what their choices are in two single-select fields.   I want to  post/send/display one of four different possible responses on the website dependent on their answers. 


 I have tried to create an automation using 4 sets of conditions but have not been able to get the logic correct.  I have selected automations from the source table and then set the trigger to activate when a new submission arrives in the main table.  I seem to be able to set the conditions but the actions look to be the problem.  I got one record to update but that was all and I'm not sure I can repeat it!  The actions seem to be limited to update records and then select a field to update but what with?? If I want the content of that field to update with new text I don't know how? Perhaps it is because I need to run a script??  So I have fixed on trying to trigger an action to create a new record  in one of four new tables? Then I can prefill the fields in the new tables with the response content that I want. I'm so new to this there must be other easier ways?


Any suggestions really appreciated.

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