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Hi guys!

Im trying to create an automation that changes a single select field from one option to another. 

I have a record of a tour which has a start date. I would like to change the field of "Week" to "Last Week" if the start date is before today but not before 1 week ago. 

It is my understanding that I first have to 'Find Records' before, and then use those records in the Record ID field of the configuration, but it still isnt working!


Can anyone help me understand what the issue is?


Thank you

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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Hi @Anonymous ,

"Find records" is a list of records, and individual records cannot be accessed.
In the case of list format, Repeating groups can be used to process all retrieved records at once.

This article may be helpful.

Airtable automations: Repeating groups | Airtable Support